Yariv Tsfati

Professor, Department of Communication

University of Haifa


Email: ytsfati@com.haifa.ac.il 

Office phone: +972-4-8240012 

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Yariv Tsfati is a professor at the Department of Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Haifa, Israel. His research is situated at the intersection of Political Communication, Journalism Studies and Mass Communication. A central part of his research program focuses on various audience perceptions of media (in particular on trust in media, and the third person effect) and how these perceptions affect audience processing of media content and media effects. He also studied the various mechanisms connecting between exposure to partisan and ideological news media outlets and affective political polarization. In the realm of journalism studies, his research focused on journalists’ perceptions of audience trust and news media influence, and on the association between politicians’ physical attractiveness and the amount and quality of their news media coverage. Tsfati’s has also researched audience engagement with media texts in political contexts. He received his Ph.D. from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.    

Tsfati’s research was funded by the Israel Science Foundation, the German-Israel Foundation, the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology and other institutes. He is currently a team member in the media work-package of Knowledge Resistance: Causes, Consequences and Cures, a multidisciplinary research program, aiming to find out why people fail to accept available knowledge, funded by the independent foundation Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ). His coauthored paper "When Arabs and Jews Watch TV Together: The Joint Effect of the Content and Context of Communication on Reducing Prejudice" received the ICA Best Journal Article of the Year Award (2016), and the ASCOR Denis McQuail Award for the year's best journal article (2017). He received the Worcester Award for the year's outstanding paper published in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research from World Association for Public Opinion Research (2004, 2019). He was named Fellow of the International Communication Association in 2022.

Tsfati served as Vice Chair and Chair of the Political Communication Division of the International Communication Association, as editor for the International Journal of Public Opinion Research, and as Associate Editor for the Journal of Communication. He now serves as co-Editor-in-Chief of the ICA journal Human Communication Research. He served as chair of the Conference Oversight Committee for the World Association for Public Opinion Research between 2016 and 2018. In 2022, he received David Swanson Award for Service to Political Communication Scholarship.

At his home university, Tsfati served as chair of the Department of Communication (2014-2019), and on various university committees.

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